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You Are Designed to Succeed

“You’re gifted to do something” – Karen Kingsbury Every person is born for a purpose and is wired to succeed in life through the effective stewarding of their gifts and talents. Every human being is born to lead in some capacity, whether leading our own life, a family, small business, or a fortune 500 company, we are all wired to succeed. Every person has a natural desire to accomplish something of significance and leave an inspiring legacy. The most natural thing you can do to accomplish something of significance in life is to follow your heart, and that begins in childhood. It’s unfortunate that every child will have a dream about their future and only a small percentage get to live theirs out.

I Followed My Heart

As long as I can remember I was always dreaming, planning, and motivating my friends to organize teams to compete together in sporting events, it came naturally to cast vision, motivate, and encourage participation. I had no idea I would still be dreaming, planning, casting vision and motivating people to organize and lead teams nearly fifty years later.

Children are naturally inclined to follow their heart, utilizing their gifts and talents normally find its way into all they do without thinking about it. The gifts that reside within each of us provide some clues to our life’s purpose.

Giftedness: Seeds of Destiny

“Find out who you are. And do it on purpose” – Dolly Parton Arthur F. Miller writes, “Come with me, quietly, to a kindergarten classroom. Slip in unnoticed during one of the many eruptions of noisy activity, when the children are lost in the moment, immersed with total abandon in what they are doing. If we observe carefully, we will see each child reveal something unique and special about himself, some essential element of her person.

Here, for example, we find a little girl absorbed in finger painting. Look at her eyes, the way they light up at the vivid colors she selects. Look at her hands, how they squeeze and glide and press and test the tempera that oozes between them. She delights in these materials. She extends for as long as possible the time allotted to work with them.

Over there are two boys building a tower with blocks. Notice how one piles them up in random, rapid order, showing little care for the finished product. It is his partner who takes pains to adjust and straighten die assembly and who makes suggestions for what to do next. Completely captivated by each other’s company, these playmates require no supervision.” (1)

It’s said that Aristotle favored honing the best qualities within you, developing and reaching your potential. Live an active life, be an asset to society, and utilize your natural gifts and talents, something the children in Miller’s story were doing naturally.

It’s Never Too Late to Reconnect

I believe it’s never too late to make some changes, I made significant career course adjustments while in my mid 50’s based on my gifts and talents. I have always lived by following what my heart is telling me. Here are seven simple questions that continue to guide my decisions, they may be of some help to you too.

1. What are the things you love doing the most? 2. Which ones do you excel in and come most naturally to you? 3. What is your heart saying as you consider each of them? 4. Can you describe how you most naturally enjoy expressing yourself? 5. Does your purpose statement include your best gifts and talents? 6. Are your goals and objectives based on the use of your gifts and talents? 7. Are you “All In” on all levels all the time in your current pursuits?

It may also be helpful to look back over your life and note which of your gifts and talents have always been most productive, and brought you the most compliments. (1) “Why You Can’t Be Anything You Want To Be:” The Power of Uniqueness by Arthur F. Miller

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