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Many years ago, the Lions Pride Leadership founders had a dream to become better people and to achieve the American dream. Today that “American Dream” has grown to seeing transformation in their family, friends, business colleagues, community and ultimately leading the United States to be transformed by living good values. Lions Pride holds the belief that people who live good values are more valuable to themselves, their family, friends, community and ultimately impacts everyone they connect to. 


Lions Pride has an unstoppable desire to invest in people who will positively impact our community. We believe this is our personal responsibility as leaders.

Why we do this.

Our Community

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How we do this. 


Staten Island, NY is one of the first communities in the entire U.S. where the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation had launched Community Transformation. His book launch for Change Your World, with author Robert Hoskins, was held on January, 28, 2021 and hosted by Chad and Danielle. It was an amazing event—a real who’s who of great people in Staten Island.

The goal of Community Transformation Staten Island is to empower leaders to transform their community. This initiative brings together people from all 8 major spheres of influence: 

1. business              5. faith

2. government        6. sports

3. education            7. arts

4. healthcare           8. media

towards a common goal of learning and living good values.

Contact Agent Ann-Marie Lopez to find out how you can participate in John C. Maxwell’s Community Transformation with many other Staten Islanders.

What are Transformation Tables?
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I AM Empowering was founded in Staten Island, NY with the mission of empowering youth, equipping future leaders with knowledge, and transforming our community. We do this by nurturing the leadership and entrepreneurial gifts of 13 to 18-year-olds through partnering with business and community leaders in all 8 major streams of influence.  Visit IAE website


At the core of I AM Empowering, we believe in empowering youth to give back to their community, thus the launch of this youth empowered annual Gift of LOVE Toy Drive. With the help of local businesses and community leaders, this toy drive has given out thousands of toys to local charities and/or families who are less fortunate while allowing the IAE youth to practice their leadership skills.


Giving the gift of LOVE and hope to the young and innocent at heart. 


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