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Knowing Your “WHY” Drives Your Purpose with Passion

It makes no difference if you’re leading a team, managing your affairs, or seeking a change of venue, knowing your “WHY is the main factor determining your success.

I was once hired (without prior experience) for a management position in a retail business and was trained by the owner in all the basics. I applied for the position based on an inward passion to lead, without knowing why.

I was trained by the owner and was surprised how easily I caught on. Hiring, training, and motivating the staff came naturally, as did the training of an assistant, along with the basics on running a small business. I was motivated to find out why, since I had no prior experience in business.

“Our lives change significantly once we know what we were born to do” – JSP

When I assessed my prior experiences, I found that I had been exhibiting Leadership skills all long. I hadn’t recognized those skills for what they were until I heard John Maxwell ask a group of people four questions:

  1. What do you laugh about?

  2. What do you cry about?

  3. What do you sing about?

  4. What do you dream about?

These questions stuck at the heart of what I was feeling, they resonated so strongly within me that I spent some quality time thinking through each and honestly answering them. I gained fresh insights into who I was.

“The combination of your WHY and HOWs is as exclusively yours as your fingerprint.” – Simon Sinek

The four questions above are designed to get at our “WHY” which speaks to our purpose. Knowing our purpose fills us with passion. It’s the intensity of passion that makes talented people winners. Winning begins with knowing who we are and being clear about our objectives.

Here Are 6 Points Which Will Help You Lead From Your “WHY”

Point #1 – Know Your Why It’s impossible to have passion without purpose. Knowing your “why” ignites an inner fire that isn’t easily extinguished. Learn to live in the power of your “why.”

Point #2 – Know Your Strengths  Know what you do exceptionally well and always bring your best self to the table. Know what your best contributions are to your organization and stay within your strengths.

Point #3 – Be Decisive Make informed decisions and state your reasons as clearly as possible. Collaborate with your team and adjust your plans when receiving better information. Always stand by your final decision.

Point #4 – Admit When You’re Wrong  Owning your mistakes and admitting it is a sign of strength, hiding mistakes, making excuses or assigning blame is a sign of weakness which undermines your credibility.

Point #5 – Be a Team Player Be comfortable in knowing you won’t always be the one responsible for the win. Allowing others their turn in the spotlight is the kind of validation that adds value to the team.

Point #6 – Be Passionate in What You Do  Passion is the fire that drives great leaders in their pursuit of excellence. Passion is the key to persistence, it will keep you going through difficult times and keep you from being derailed in times of trouble.

  1. Passion doesn’t flinch in difficult situations

  2. Passion knows it won’t be easy and quitting is not an option

  3. Passion sees possibilities where others see a dead end. 

When your passion is anchored in solid character your persistence becomes contagious. So, know your strengths, be decisive, be honest, be a team player, and let the passion of your “why” drive you and your team to victory.

*** This article was authored by John Picarello, Chief Leadership Officer at Lions Pride Leadership Co.***

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