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Can You Name 5 Simple Qualities of a Good Company?

Updated: Jan 4

“In business it’s about people, it’s about relationships”
– Kathy Ireland

Isn’t it interesting how many shipwrecked businesses went to great lengths to hire the best only to end up treating their customers like second class citizens? Equally puzzling are the organizations that could be rated number one in customer satisfaction and rated last in employee satisfaction. Both scenarios missed the fact that business is about people, nothing more nothing less.

Who doesn’t want to be valued for who they are and what they do? Current trends indicate more companies are paying closer attention to the health and well being of their employees. Developing a family-like atmosphere where everyone is appreciated and respected, enhancing their ability to get along with others, has become the standard among successful companies.

From affinity groups supporting and helping employees with their personal and career development, better parental leave policies, to diversity and inclusion courses, Modern Human Resource management has come a long way from what it was when I first entered the workforce.

Companies have discovered that the win/win relationship begins with appreciating and caring for people, because valued employees are more effective and far more productive. Making it a point to ensure that employees know they’re valued, and their work makes a difference, always contributes to developing a more positive work environment.

I like to look at things that good companies do well, it’s not surprising that many of the current top-rated companies have at least four things in common. If you’re looking for employment, I believe these four things are worth considering.

  • Take note of companies that retain employees seven years or more.

  • Companies that genuinely maintain a culture that reflects its values.

  • Organizations where employees exceed expectations because they can feel and see their work is making a difference.

  • Companies that encourage employees to think ahead by charting their career course and providing them the opportunities in-house.

Brad Sugars says, “Business is all about relationships… how well you build them determines how well they build your business.”

Five Simple Qualities of a Good Company

Good companies have more than five good qualities but I like simple so I’ll go with some basics where we can’t go wrong.

Quality #1 – Authenticity Among Leaders I have been saying that authenticity begins at the point of accepting who we are as we are. Growing in self-awareness is scary at times because of the surprises that often accompany self-discovery. Good leaders have no choice but to be authentic, employees must know where they stand and how they’re doing.

Quality #2 – Clarity Keeping lines of communication open, making it clear who’s responsible for what at all levels within the company makes good sense. Employees need to know the expectations of the company, and what they can expect from the company.

Also, confidence grows when employees know who to go to with an issue and knowing what to expect from the person who’ll assist them. Both authenticity and clarity establish trust and enhances productivity.

Quality #3 – Purpose-Driven Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why do you function the way you do? People perform better when their “why” is clear. Knowing what you’re working toward and that what you do matters is motivating and empowering.

Quality #4 – The Buy-in is Contagious It’s inspiring and motivating to see your ideas and those of your coworkers utilized, because it sparks creativity and enhances the effectiveness of the team.

Quality #5 – Lateral and Vertical Movement Knowing there are opportunities for moving up or moving over provides options for multi-talented employees, they’re more likely to see themselves contributing long-term to their organizations.

*** This article was authored by John Picarello, Chief Leadership Officer at Lions Pride Leadership Co.***

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