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Winning Together Is Always Better Together Pt. 1

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”
— Michael Jordan

Winning together is always better because,

  • No one possesses all the necessary gifts and talents that winning requires

  • The most prestigious championship awards are the results of collaborative efforts

  • One is not a multiplier; two united minds can birth exponential growth

  • Victory celebrations for a party of one are never exciting

A Personal Leadership Paradigm

What is a personal leadership paradigm?

I define a personal leadership paradigm as “the mindset that considers developing leadership gifts and instilling personal responsibility in all employees at every level within the organization to be priority one.”

4 Leadership Paradigm Questions

  • Are you influencing the relationships and work habits of those around you?

  • Are you helping people sort out their thinking and accurately assess themselves?

  • Are you helping people take personal responsibility for adding value to the team?

  • Do your family, friends, and coworkers confide in you, seeking your advice?

Imagine enabling your employees to answer yes to all four questions above. What would it mean to your company if every employee had a degree of influence with others, helping create positive change and motivating each other to achieve new levels of collaboration and personal growth?” (1)

Leading Together

“Team leadership is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.”
— Ifeanyi Onuoha

“Workplaces that base themselves on acting justly and taking responsibility for their actions foster a strong sense of collaboration and teamwork. Accountability nurtures an environment where it is ok to admit and apologize for mistakes and generates a learning ethos so everyone can grow. Actions such as these decrease conflict and promote workplace harmony, supporting teamwork and success.” (2)

Influential leaders assemble winning teams; this is why owners fire a losing team’s manager. Great leaders understand the familiar phrase, “it takes teamwork to make the dream work.” Winning leaders assemble winning teams.

Highly effective leaders are single-minded, open-minded, and consistent simultaneously; they build teams, cast vision, and empower team members to be their best, work together, stay on course, and accomplish their objectives.

Effective teams add value to their organization as well as to each other. Effective teams improve the quality of an organization’s work environment, increasing productivity.

Teamwork Does Make The Dream Work

Rick Conlow writes, “Make no mistake about it; effective team leadership does take more time. But the product of great team leadership far surpasses the contribution of a person working alone. Excellent teams also change the dynamics of the entire organization through the collaborations that develop and the quality of projects delivered. Team leaders that learn to facilitate this kind of effort are golden.” (3)

We aren’t designed to succeed alone; we need each other to make things work. The world is always a better place when people work together. Your organization is no exception; you must have effective teams to accomplish your vision.

In Closing, Andrew Carnegie said, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

“Experience has taught me that winning together is better; rugged individualism never builds anything of lasting value.”

End Notes

(1) Adapted from “The ABCs Of A Personal Leadership Paradigm”

(2) “Learn and Grow: How teamwork makes the dream work”

(3) “25 Team Leadership Quotes That Inspire Greatness” by Rick Conlow

*** This article was authored by John Picarello, Chief Leadership Officer at Lions Pride Leadership Co.***

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