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The ABC’s of a Personal Leadership Paradigm

Updated: Jan 4

“When you help people reach their full potential, your company reaches its objectives and begins to realize its vision.”

What is a Personal Leadership Paradigm?

I define a personal leadership paradigm as “the mindset that considers developing leadership gifts and instilling personal responsibility in all employees at every level within the organization to be priority one.”

You are a leader if;

  • You have a positive impact on relationships and work habits of those around you.

  • You can help people sort out their thinking and accurately assess themselves.

  • You help people develop the habit of taking personal responsibility.

  • Family, friends, and coworkers confide in you and ask for your opinion or advice.

Imagine enabling your employees to answer yes to all four statements above. What would it mean to your company if every employee had a degree of influence with others, helping create positive change, everyone motivating each other to achieve new levels of personal growth?

Personal Leadership Development is Always a Win/Win

Organizations that empower their people with the confidence and skills to accomplish more without the need for constant supervision have exponentially increased the value of both the company and their people.

Great leaders understand the value that individual achievement brings to all levels of an organization.

  • Equipping people empowers them to take the initiative, making them more effective.

  • Performance is better and productivity higher when people throughout an organization feel appreciated, know what they’re responsible for, who to go to, and how to ask for the help they need.

Studies show that employees make greater contributions when they feel appreciated and see that their work makes a difference. Good leadership drives effective teamwork while great leadership develops personal a Leadership paradigm among the team members; the difference between the two is astounding.

Having employees engaged and motivated greatly enhances the initiative of team members. The synergistic effects of developing the personal leadership paradigm of the members of each team within your organization have a definite compound effect on productivity.

Investing in Your People Pays the Biggest Dividends

Many studies show that employees who are appreciated and respectfully treated are naturally more productive. All organizations have some issues to varying degrees but, well-trained, well-adjusted people are always exceeding expectations.

In my experience connecting with my people keeps them connected to the organization, when people personally identify with their companies, they naturally go the extra mile to help keep the business going and growing.

Lifelong learners have an insatiable desire for personal development. What would your company look like with a team of lifelong learners? Imagine the outcome of a team that makes developing excellence and a personal leadership paradigm a collaborative effort.

The ABC’s of a Personal Leadership Paradigm

“The price of change is determined by the process of change"
– Ron Stewart

Attitude Sets the Tone of Your Leadership

You can lead from anywhere within an organization with a solid positive attitude. Recognizing the possibilities when others see a dead end, encouraging and motivating people to believe the best about themselves when they doubt their abilities and modeling perseverance when others want to give up, changes any work environment.

Building Relationally Strengthens Your Leadership

Most employees spend anywhere from 30 to 40 hours a week together, developing and maintaining good working relationships goes a long way toward establishing a healthy “can-do” culture in the workplace.

When coworkers enjoy each other’s presence, they look forward to spending time together; often, the positive atmosphere leads to developing friendships outside the workplace, this is a win/win for any company.

Character Defines Your Leadership

“It is not the mountains we conquer but ourselves.”
- Edmund Hillary

How true it is, especially when it comes to leadership, the most difficult people to lead consistently is ourselves. The stronger our good character becomes, the stronger the trust we develop with others.

What would it mean to you if everyone within your organization is trained to develop a high degree of personal integrity and self-respect? How would a strong culture of excellence impact your clients/customers?

Discipline Drives Your Leadership

Thomas Huxley says, “Do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.” The difference between seasons of success and the lifestyle of success is our degree of self-discipline.

Controlling our emotions though difficult at times, is basic to leadership. When we begin choosing the easy way out, we’ve invited all kinds of difficulties in complicating our life. If you should do something now, do it now, or it will crowd your task list later, life doesn’t have a pause button.

Enhanced Personal Development Expands Your Leadership Influence

A personal development program will broaden your horizon, make you more intuitive, and develop a positive outlook for the future. Personal development facilitates change from the inside out, which overtime instills wisdom and maturity in our leadership. A personal development program conditions the mind to anticipate growth, helping us to become accustomed to a lifestyle of change, as Gerald Brooks says, “Every level of growth calls for a new level of change.”

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."
- John F. Kennedy

I encourage you to learn more about our Leadership development programs by click the link below. I promise your future self will thank you!

*** This article was authored by John Picarello, Chief Leadership Officer at Lions Pride Leadership Co.***


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