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Relational Leaders are Always Taking People to The Next Level

“Relational leaders empower others. They see the strengths and weaknesses of each member of their team and work to build on strengths and improve weaknesses. The professional growth of others is important to a relational leader.”
— Lindsay Rayner

In my forty years in management and leadership positions, I’ve been mentored by good leaders and great leaders; the difference is immense.

All good leaders tend to be relational leaders, and great leaders are usually relational servant leaders.

  • Good relational leaders know how to get the best out of their people

  • Great leaders know how to relate to people and take them to the next level

Robert Ferguson asks, “How do you know if you are a relational leader?

Do a quick self-assessment. Are you approachable? Do you inspire others? Do others understand what you say instantly? Do people enjoy being around you (truly)? (1)

Relational Leaders Believe in People

If you believe people are valuable, you will naturally desire to help them see the best in themselves.

  • You see more in them than they see in themselves.

  • You will seize every opportunity to spend time with them.

  • Your confidence in them will raise their confidence in themselves.

Relational Leaders Take People to the Next Level

Taking people to the next level begins with understanding their vision, values, and sense of self-worth.

  • Where do they envision themselves five, ten, or twenty years from now?

  • Do they believe in themselves and in their gifting to reach their objective?

I believe everyone has a vision or a dream; unfortunately, for many, that vision or dream isn’t a present reality living within them.

Serve the People You Lead

Serve your people by taking them to the next level. Become a servant leader who puts people first. If your people know they’re genuinely valued, being equipped, and their suggestions are welcomed, they will function at a higher level.

This is being a servant leader; servant leaders fight for their people just like any good leader fights for their business.

Taking people to the next level begins with building a personal relationship with them. It’s been said that getting along well in life is all about getting along well with others!

To become more relational, John Maxwell advises some “best people practices,

  • Let people know you really need them

  • Show your appreciation for every member of your team

  • Be sincere and know this in your heart

  • Move forward with your dream with your people beside you

  • The bigger your vision, the more people you’ll need to develop

  • The more doors you open, the more teams you’ll need to assemble” (2)

No one can deny that relational leaders help people become better people and valuable assets to their organization. Solid working relationships attract followers who aspire to leadership.

In Conclusion

No one has ever achieved a worthy vision or dream without people. Suppose you, as a leader, will put your best efforts into serving your people by building good personal and business relationships with them. In that case, they will put their best efforts into building your organization.

Author Walter C. Wright writes, “Leadership is about people. It is about relationships. Leadership is a relationship of influence with a purpose, the achievement of the shared mission and the nurture of the community.“

End Notes

(1) Robert Ferguson “Are You a Relational Leader?”

John Maxwell IMC Orlando Florida August 8, 2015

*** This article was authored by John Picarello, Chief Leadership Officer at Lions Pride Leadership Co. ***

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