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Everyone's Life is a Journey - Follow Your Heart

“Press forward. Do not stop, do not linger in your journey, but strive for the mark set before you.”
— George Whitefield

Everyone’s life is a journey, yet not everyone knows where they’re going.

Thankfully, many will awaken to the reality they’re not on the right road. If we follow our heart, our internal GPS will prompt us to recalculate and redirect us to a highway aligned with our intended destination.

Andrea M. Darcy lists six reasons for being on the wrong road

  1. Choosing the wrong career path when too young to know yourself.

  2. Parental/family involvement.

  3. Lack of self-awareness.

  4. Personal growth. (Sometimes the truth is that we have outgrown our career).

  5. Cultural beliefs.

  6. Mistaking being good at something as a reason to make a career of it. (1)

My Own Recalculated Journey

I remember watching an entertainer as a child; he was spinning plates on six thin wooden rods. He began by spinning plates one at a time and continued until all six plates were turning; he revisited each plate to keep them all spinning simultaneously.

Thinking back on that entertainer, I’m reminded of my early journey on the wrong road. My habits and methodology in drawing up my daily schedule (often in no particular order). Listing too many objectives with no long term purpose. I felt like that entertainer having to keep all my activities moving so my unprioritized life wouldn’t collectively come crashing to the ground.

It was 1977 when my internal GPS prompted me to recalculate and change direction. My first intentionally purposefully purchased book was Alan Lakein’s “How to Get Control of your Time and Your Life.”

Lessons Learned

  • I hadn’t defined what success looked like other than “just get’em all done!

  • I was living a fragmented lifestyle without clearly defined priorities.

  • I was a hard worker with nothing to show for it by week’s end.

  • My life resembled a treadmill workout, always running going nowhere.


  • What’s most important to me?

  • Why wasn’t my family on my “To Do” List?

  • How did my life become so compartmentalized?

  • Where does change begin?

“To Thine Own Self Be True “ - Polonius in Act I Scene III of Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

Many people meander through life, never making peace with themselves. Unable to embrace who they are, they wander aimlessly. Reading the success stories of others and emulating them, I learned to analyze and embrace my failures for their inherent wisdom.

I desired to become thoroughly familiar with myself (the good, bad, and ugly), it was tempting to make excuses. I had to make peace with accepting the facts as they were and challenging myself to change.

Making peace with my history, I decided to live intentionally, which meant becoming a lifelong learner. I began developing a lifestyle of simplicity, living one day at a time with a new set of values.

My first priorities were, my faith, my family, close friends (support system), ministry, business, and recreation (a necessity). I developed my 7 points of focus and carried them with me, referring to them often.

My original 7 Points of Focus

  1. Stay Focused on Your Dream – Remove distractions and think intentionally

  2. Stay True to Yourself – Never compromise your values

  3. Be an Avid Reader – Saturate your mind with the wisdom of others

  4. Remain Teachable – You can learn from anyone at anytime

  5. Strive to become valuable to others – Exceed all expectations with excellence

  6. Never Give Up, Never Give In – Manage your emotions

  7. Always Give Honor to Whom it is due – You’ll never achieve your dream alone

In Closing, Maria Shriver says, “Listen to your heart. In your mind, you can rationalize all kinds of things you may want for yourself and others, but the crucial choices you make come straight from your heart. Your heart always says what’s on your mind and it always tells the truth.” (2)

End Notes

(1) Wrong Career Path got you Down? Why it Happened and What to Do Now by Andrea M. Darcy

(2) 7 Simple Steps to Connect With Your Heart’s Center by Maria Shriver

*** This article was authored by John Picarello, Chief Leadership Officer at Lions Pride Leadership Co.***


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