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A Generation Empowered by Relational Leadership

“About 80% of what it takes to lead transformationally is relational.”
— Author: Jim Louwsma

Today, we are witnessing a generation in the workforce that isn’t enamored with offers of high income or fancy titles.

Unique workspaces and an office with a view aren’t high on their wish list; this generation is searching for meaningful, honest relationships with a leadership that understands and values them.

Reinspecting Relational Foundations

  • More than ever employees desire to have meaningful connections with their leadership.

  • Some studies show as few as one-third of American employees believe they can count on their managers and leaders during a crisis.

  • In cases where that is true, Some organizations may be out of alignment with their mission, purpose, and values or lack the necessary depth to take their people higher.

  • A prolonged crisis always has a way of revealing the cracks within an organization’s foundation.

Businesses are like tall buildings; they can never rise higher than the support capacity of their foundation. If a significant crack appears in employee engagement, leaders need to understand its impact on undergirding growth potential.

Always On the Lookout for Potential

“Employees will only go with you if they know they can grow with you.”

In today’s ever-changing environment, continual profitability and growth have become an art form. Keeping, developing, and promoting valuable people keeps your company competitive. Companies should…

  • Develop an organizational culture for lifelong learning

  • Know if your people don’t grow, your organization won’t either

  • Create systems to identify and develop potential leaders

  • Develop, encourage, and equip people at all levels

It is the responsibility of leadership to afford employees opportunities to develop their skills to continue achieving objectives. Understand that…

  • Quality of life continuously improves when employees feel valued

  • Confidence is high when given opportunities to prove themselves

If you go the extra mile to affirm and develop valuable people, you give them little to no reason to leave.

Know The Power of Recognition

“However successful you are, there is no substitute for a close relationship. We all need them.”
— Francesca Annis

Receiving a pat on the back and a handshake is somewhat affirming; more than trophies or plaques, employees want assurances that they are genuinely valued. Many organizations have instituted employee recognition programs that celebrate and reward those who go the extra mile performing with excellence.

What employees have been saying

  • “I left my last job because I’d hit my ceiling. I was no longer learning or being challenged, and I would have never been promoted unless my boss left. But now, I’ve finally found a place where I see a future. This job is interesting and challenging, and there’s so much room to grow!”

  • “This is a very engaging place to work. We’re constantly busy and always looking for new talent to join the team. Our senior leadership invests time and money into our extensive hiring process, which gives me confidence that the company will stay on the track to success.”

  • “Absolutely love the transparency we have at this company. Leaders are excited about our opportunities and upfront about the challenges we face. They’re level of honesty gives me faith that, even when times are tough, they’ll continue to lead with integrity.” (1)

In Conclusion

Commenting on the after-effects of all that came with the pandemic, Kiran Mann observes, “people want to be happy, valued, respected, empowered and encouraged, now more than ever.” (2)

What have your employees been saying?

End Notes

(1) Quantum Workplace 15 Real-Life Quotes from Engaged & Happy Employees

(2) Kiran Mann M2M Business Solutions

*** This article was authored by John Picarello, Chief Leadership Officer at Lions Pride Leadership Co. ***


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