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Leadership Development

The PRO-D is short for Professional Development.


The PRO-D is a self-assessment leadership assessment that gives you answers to who you are and what you do best. It is designed to reveal your core strengths. Take a PRO-D for yourself or for any person who is part of your team. 

PRO-D: our most popular leadership product. 

$500. (Includes the report PLUS, a 1 hour coaching session)




PRO-D Report

Check out four sample pages from

the 18+ page report you will receive

after completing  your PRO-D.

PRO-D Icon White.png

The best leaders are self-aware. Our leadership assessment provides the foundation for understanding how you are wired. While most other assessments have no long-term impact, the PRO-D assessment focuses on motivating you to take action. This includes a detailed 18+ page report and a one-hour coaching session to review the report.

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